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Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 S.E.C.L KUSMUNDA KORBA
'Seekers of true knowledge are engaged in ceaseless striving but we know that it is not easy to achi
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 vocabulary -Mrs. Deepti Panwar-PRT-ENGLISH-1

I have divided my students ( I A & I B) into four different groups and some tasks are given to them time to time according to their subjects. Like in English each group will tell at least one new word, new sentence daily. Thus their vocabulary has improved now compared to the earlier condition. Now most of them can understand simple English commands and respond to it. A healthy competition takes place among them and they are awarded by marks and claps for their good work. On the last da

 To learn new tricks & techniques to solve Maths.-Mrs. Rekha Joshi-PRT-Maths-VI TO X

NAME OF THE TEACHER :- Mrs. Rekha Joshi

Mathematics in the classes with help of senior students
Aim:- 1. To enhance the performance of students in mathematics.
2. To learn new tricks & techniques to solve Maths.
3. To co-relate Maths with daily life problems.
It was found 25% students of above mentioned classes find it difficult to solve Maths.
Students of classes XI and XII were called upon during their fre

 Food Habits-Dr. Ankit Chandel-Doctor-hygiene & cleanliness-All Classes


Most of the students of our Vidyalaya come from families that are not very literate. So we have felt the need to develop and inculcate good healthy habits among them. So the Principal along with the primary teachers have decided to spend some time exclusively to impress upon the students to maintain hygiene and cleanliness starting with themselves and their surroundings. Secondly they are told about the necessity of eating nutritious food. The class teachers of the primary classes hav