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Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 S.E.C.L KUSMUNDA KORBA
'Seekers of true knowledge are engaged in ceaseless striving but we know that it is not easy to achi
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Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya SECL KUSMUNDA KORBA.
CMP Initiatives
 Mini Science Exhibition

Mini science Exhibition was conducted on 27/10/2017 which as inaugrated by Dr. Mona Ali (I/c Principal). many working and Non working models/exhibits were presented. Exhibits like different means of transport, water cooler, volcano, working of robot hands etc. were presented. Explanation of the Exhibits were done by the students. It enhances the creativity and scientific skills of the students.

Students and teachers of class 1 under the guidance of I/C HM Shri S D Vaisnav oragnaised Community lunch where students understood the joys of sharing on 8th September 2017. Our Principal shri Vinod Kumar enjoyed the lunch with the tiny tots and encouraged them to be peaceful and share things with the other and to help others.
 Tal Class(CH: Rumpel stilt swin)-Mr. U.K.Singh-Headmaster-English-5 c

To know the pronounciation of new words.-Children learn the pronounciation of new words.-07.09.2013
2nd period

 Jugs & Mugs-Ms. Priyanka-PRT-Maths-II A

--Different kinds of vessels, cough syrup bottle etc
 How many times-Mr. Praveen Kumar-PRT-Maths-III A & B

--Multiplication Table Chart, Chart Showing Squares of numbers , Cards to show factors & multiplies.
 Toward Independence-C Kanwar-PRT-Hindi-4 A

--Toward Independence soldiers chart, Images of Mahatma Gandhi& model of charkha
 Halves & Quarters-Ms. Mansi Chaudhary-PRT-Maths-IV C

--Paper, Scissor, Compass, Various shapes like square, rectangle etc.
 The milk man\'s Cow-Mrs. Saigeeta-PRT-English-IV C

--Flash Cards, Spelling Card, Picture of animals, PPt- The story of milk mans.
 Ek din ki baadshahat-Mr. C.Kanwar-PRT-Hindi-V C

--tarmaal chizon ka chart, raja ka chitr, parivaar ka chitr.
 Gend & Balla-Mrs. T.Bhaskar-PRT-Hindi-I B

--Gend, balla ghar ke bahar, andar ko khelne wale khelon ke naam.
 The story of food-Ms. Sana SIddiqui-PRT-EVS-III A

--Sample of food items, Picture part, parts of plants.
 Gend & Balla-Mrs. T.Bhaskar-PRT-Hindi-I B

--Gend, balla ghar ke bahar, andar ko khelne wale khelon ke naam.
 Meri Kitaab-Mrs. R.S.Simon-PRT-Hindi-II B

--Kapde naapne wala tape,
pani & dudh naapne wala litre
plash cards

 Boxes & Sketches-Ms. Pooja Kumari-PRT-Maths-V C

--Craft paper
geometry bx
box of toothpaste
an open box

 Kaun Kavita-Mr. S.D.Vaishnav-PRT-Hindi-V B

--Drawing sheet
Flash cards
jeevon ke chart bana

 Train-Mrs. Shabana Rahman-PRT-English-

--Picture of different means of transport
Flash cards

 Seasons-Mrs. Alin Baxla-PRT-EVS-II A

--Charts of different seasons
Flash Cards
Items used in different seasons

 Hellen Keller-Mrs. Chethana S.-PRT-English-IV C

--Sign languages
Video of dumb& deaf
news reading
Flash cards
Picture of Hellen Keller

 Rip Van Winkle-Mrs. Abha Verma-PRT-English-V B

--Flash Cards
Chart Paper
Balls & Pins

 A Snake charmer\'s story-Mrs. Vadinee sahu-PRT-EVS-5th A

To observes different reptiles & types of Snakes.-Children are happy to see Snakes, Frog in Biolab.-15.04.2015
5th period(Biolab)

 Food-Mrs. D.S.Panwar-PRT-EVS-1 A

To learn about healthy food.-Children learnt to eat fruits and vegetables.Community lunch based on healthy food.-1st week of August.
 Be multiple-Mr. V. Sharma-PRT-Maths-V b & V C

Be able to understand the multiples & factors and LCM & HCL of different numbers.-Be able to understand relationship between factors & multiple-August IV week
 Wheat\'s chapati-Mr. S.D. Vaishnav-PRT-Maths-V A

Abhiyanaatmak kala ka vikas evam kalatmak kala ka vikas-Path ka abhiyaan karaya jayega. cahawal se banne wale 5 chijon ke naam likho-November 1st & II week
 Time-Mr. C. Kanwar-PRT-Maths-I A

To learn about time-Children know to see the time-2nd week of November
 Numbers from 10 to 20-Mrs. R.S.Simon-PRT-Maths-II B

Bringing out the place values by putting them in bundles of 10's & ones 1-Uses of pictures & number cards for explaining the concept of more & less-October 1st & II week
 guru aur chela-C Kanwar-PRT-Hindi-5 C

--flash card bhanji bazar ka chart, mashak, raja ka chitr badal ka chitr